I’d like (…) a cellar of liqueurs and cordials, and shelves full of candied fruit, cakes, dessert breads, almond cookies, and wafers topped with whipped cream.
(from The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi)

Behind our Taste Library is the desire to create and spread the culture of culinary pleasures. We see it as a useful tool for learning more about the history of bread-baking and pastry-making.

Our Library collection features more than 2,000 ancient and modern volumes. The acquisitions are the result of years of research and donations that have helped preserve the most important specialized books in the world of bakery and confectionery.

Our catalog consists of over 34 subjects and includes several recipe books, manuals and treatises by chefs and gastronomes. These are the “monuments” to the cuisine of centuries past, both Italian and foreign.

Many of our Library’s books are used for teaching purposes in the company. There are monographs, essays and manuals on nutrition, on food safety, quality, chemistry and biology. There are several books that deal with leavening techniques from ancient times to today.


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The most complete collection of books – Dario Loison’s pride – is the section dedicated to the Panettone. It’s a collection of rare books that explain the origins and tell us about the history, legends, traditions and producers of the sweet bread across Italy and abroad.

Our company is also a case study discussed in marketing, communication and business management courses held at many universities. This specific collection features 28 dissertations and 12 theses.